Affordable haute cuisine.

The renowned chef Roberta Sudbrack, who was elected in 2015 the best chef in Latin America by the british award Veuve Clicquot opened less than two months ago her brand-new enterprise: Da Roberta, a street food bar. The bar is installed in an old car repair shops at Rua Tubira, in Leblon and it reveals all the chef’s creativity and her intense care with the ingredients, trademark of her work for two decades. The aim is to create a new concept in the city and help create a street food culture, which exists in many other countries.

The proposal is to offer a simple and accessible menu, prepared only with artisanal and exclusive ingredients, made up of hot dogs and sausages (from R$ 18 to R$ 25), pitas/Arabian Bread (from R$ 15 to R$ 26) and pastrami (from R$ 27 and R$ 29), as well as SudBatata fried with aioli and annatto (R$ 9) and salad (R$ 12) as complements. To drink, organic and natural wines as well as craft beers, among which is the SudBeer, produced by Jeffrey and created by Roberta. Oh, and don’t forget to order the wet chocolate cake (R$ 16) as a closer!


Rua Tubira, 8 Loja A - Leblon
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Tuesday to sunday, noon to 22pm.


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