A heritage from the time of the Coffee Barons, the city has the historic center with grand palaces and sumptuous stately houses, a reflex from its history full of riches.

The Vassouras municipality, located 111Km away from Rio de Janeiro’s capital, after a ride of about two hours and 20 minutes, was once considered to be the biggest coffee producer of the world. The title was won at the highest point of the Coffee Barons era, and has left a heritage of beautiful palaces and farms, but also the sad memory of slavery.

You can’t miss the Severino Sombra Museum, built in the 70s of the last century, the Tancredo Neves Culture House, the Train Station, the Solar de Amparo Ruins, the Casa de Hera Museum, the Barão de Massambará Palace, and the Câmara Museum, which holds pictures, curiosities, and objects used by legislators since the founding of the city.

Because the campus of the Severino Sombra University is located in the city, which attracts a great number of young people, the Broadway Street concentrates the place nightlife with the best options of bars and restaurants. There, you can also enjoy a small shopping mall and galleries, selling products like sweets, handcrafts, cachaças (sugarcane liquor) etc.

For the lovers of ecotourism, Morro da Vaca, where the radio and TV antennas are installed, is worth the visit. The place has grass and bamboo vegetation and offers a view of the whole Vassouras city and its surroundings.

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