Whether it be downtown or on the shore area of the neighborhoods, the city invites everyone for having good moments. Bars, restaurants, and kiosks serve the best of the regional astronomy.

Rio das Ostras deserves the tourism spotlight by its nature. On its 28 km of shore, there are 15 beaches that attract visitors by their state of conservation and infrastructure. The tourists can find calm waters, and the sun shines at least 300 days a year. And it is not only the infrastructure of the beaches that calls attention. The city, which is 170 km away from Rio de Janeiro, has a good hotel industry with around 70 hotels and inns.

One of the busiest beaches in Rio das Ostras is Costazul. 23 meters long, it is an oceanic beach frequented by surfers and rod fishing lovers. A big part of the shore was contemplated with the most modern urbanistic project of the region, with bike lane, outdoor gym, kiosks, and 15 thousand square meters of restinga forest preserved. From the Costazul Pier, which extends 200 meters over the sea, you can see all the beach and shore.

Praça da Baleia (Whale Square) is a leisure area which holds the sculpture of a 20 meters long humpback whale of metal structure, covered with bronze and brass plates. It is the world’s biggest homage to a cetacean. And between Praça da Baleia and Praia da Joana beach, there’s another natural Rio das Ostras tourist attraction, the Costões Rochosos Monument, a long extension of rocks that was declared an ecologic reservation by the City Hall and has a great diversity of fauna and flora, as well as a view to the sunrise.

One of the main events that happen in the city is the Rio das Ostras Jazz & Blues Festival, which happens once a year it is held by the critics as one of the best festivals of the genre in the country. Bringing national and international artists, the Festival happens in four places of the city: at Cidade do Jazz & Blues, at Costazul, on Praia da Tartaruga beach, and at Lagoa do Iriry. All the concerts are free and outdoors.

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