Piraí, a city located in the Coffee Valley Region, as 89 km away from the capital of the state, after a ride of about one hour and 20 minutes.

The city of Piraí started around 1770, when the strengthening of the flux of products traveling between the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. The small village developed by the Chapel of Sant’Anna do Piraí, built in 1772. The place progressed fast, attracting settlers looking for fertile ground for farming.

For decades, the coffee production -a source of richness – helped develop the city. Around the 20th century, the inauguration of the Presidente Dutra Road was an important happening, because it inserted Piraí in a key rout of the Brazilian economy. With the installation of the Canadian company Light and Power, the city started to become an a strategic place for Rio de Janeiro, since the Ribeirão das Lajes Complex provides water and electricity to all the Metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.

Important pages of the Coffee Cycle history can be told in Piraí. With hospitality and delicious homemade food, the city can provide all the simplicity and coziness of the rural life. One of the best moments is to go for a good fishing, or walk around the Ribeirão das Lages dam. By mealtime, the tip is to go to a local restaurant specialized in freshwater fish. Hikes, walks, and horse rides complete the tour that starts early in the morning in the Parque Florestal park.

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