First discovered in 1830 by Emperor Dom Pedro I, Petropólis is located 68 kilometers away from Rio.

Enchanted with the weather and beauty of the place, Emperor Dom Pedro I acquired a farm there. Thirteen years later, his son Dom Pedro II founded the city, built there to be the headquarters of the Court. Even today, Petrópolis has kept its charm from those glorious days, conserving the aristocratic mansions of the barons, viscounts and earls, located near the Imperial Palace – today a beautiful museum, where a collection from the Imperial times is kept, and its facade serves as the stage for a beautiful spectacle of sound and light. Aside from the Imperial Museum, don’t forget to visit the Santos Dumont Residence, the Quitandinha, the Crystal Palace, the São Pedro de Alcantara Cathedral, the Rio Negro Palace and the residences of Baron of Mauá, Princess Isabel and Rui Barbosa. The imposing Itaipava Baron’s Palace, 15 kilometers from the center of the city, also deserves a visit. The children will love walking through the Cremerie Park, a recreational area where there are paddle boats in the lagoon and toys all over the grassy area.

In Itaipava, other than good hotels and restaurants, there is a vast offer of pottery shops, furniture stores, decoration stores, antique shops and handicraft shops. Some events of the Petrópolis calendar deserve special mention, such as Bauernfest and the Winter Festival, which take advantage of the cold temperature to attract more tourists to the city. Enjoying the local nature is another excellent activity: it is possible to practice rafting in Paraibuna, rapelling in Véu da Noiva Waterfall, ecological horse-riding in Haras Analu and through the region that connects the Curitiba Valley to Teresópolis, ecological walk through Serra Órgãos and trekking in the Tinguá biological reserve. Another good call is to go through the whole of the old “Caminho do Imperador (Emperor’s Pathway)” ou “Estrada Imperial (Imperial Road)”, which connects Petrópolis to Paty do Alferes, through the top of the Serra do Couto, in a path that is 36 kilometers long.

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