Penedo is a district and an Ecologic Park of the city of Itatiaia, located in the Southern region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, and is the main Finnish colony of Brazil out of the Souther Region of the country.

Founded in 1929, the Finnish Colony of Penedo is a touristic neighborhood where the material that helps preserve the memory of its colonizers is kept. It also has hotels and inns to serve the most demanding kind of tourists that visit the region. Besides that, it offers near 40 restaurants of high-end national and international gastronomy, and the typical dishes of trout, as well as inviting bars and cafés, and the abundant market of small stores scattered throughout the Commercial Center and in the small and big shopping malls. Another attractive of the Penedo region is the Santa Claus House, which is famous by its grand and luxurious Christmas decoration that fascinates children and adults.

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