365 islands, 2000 beaches and eight bays. You have to visit Angra dos Reis.

Angra dos Reis has no less than 365 islands peppered throughout a sea of green and crystalline waters and two thousand beaches filled with natural beauties. Surrounded by the Atlantic Forest and bathed by the emerald green sea are luxury condominiums, resorts and hotels that host tourists who look for the best in their vacations and weekends. The short distance is the best part: only 160 kilometers – merely a two-hour ride by car – separate this paradise from Rio.

A tour through Angra must undoubtedly begin at the sea. Diving in this beautiful sea is simply irrestible. With a large amount of shipwrecks and an abundant marine life, the Angra Bay is one of the best diving spots of the southeastern coast, even for rookies. A traditional maritime procession held on the first day of the year is one of the biggest events in the city.

Ilha Grande, the biggest of the isles, is also the most famous: there are 86 beaches spread out throughout its 190 square kilometers. To get there, one must face a boat ride that lasts around one hour and departs from the Angra port. The place is perfect for trekking, trails and hiking, with many options ranging from hills, mountains, streams, rocks, slopes and beaches, most of which go through the Atlantic Forest. The highlights in this scenario are places such as Lage do Guirri (Ponta de Castelhanos), Jorge Grego Island and Meros e Naufragios Island. On the oceanic side, one of the visitors’ favorite beaches is the Lopes Mendes beach, visited by surf sympathizers and divers. In Feiticeira Beach, besides the narrow strip of clear sand and many almond trees, visitors may also enjoy, after a nice little walk, a beautiful 15 meter tall waterfall, with natural swimming pool and slide.

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