Barra World goes beyond a mall: it’s the meeting place of happiness to stimulate the innocence adult and kids smile.

It’s the first Thematic Mall of the world that reproduces the architecture and the main monuments of many countries. Designed and built by businessman José Koury, had his architecture project developed by the architects Sérgio Gsttass and Sérgio Klein.
Barra world Shopping & Park presents to the visitants more than 60 theater and music different shows every month and totally free.
In the weekend and vacation, it attracts tourists from every part of Brazil and World, and it’s considered one of the touristic attraction of Rio de Janeiro.

Click here and check the cultural programming of the mall.


Avenida Alfredo Baltazar da Silveira, 580 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 (21) 3388-6228


Monday to saturday, 10am to 10pm. Sundays and holidays, 3pm to 9pm.

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