Fast food and healthy food can be the perfect combination for those who live busy lives in Rio de Janeiro.

The idea behind Market Ipanema is to make a healthy and balanced diet become part of the busy daily life of people. The restaurant has a menu created by chef Carolina Figueiredo, who has created dishes that have stood out on the carioca gastronomic scene.

Since the opening of Market Ipanema, in 2008, clients now have a place that offer an unique service and food rich in antioxidants and fibers and which are light and tasty. Salads, hot dishes, juices and delicacies such as brownies, cakes, cookies and biscuits are sure to leave costumers salivating.


Travessa do Ouvidor, 37 - Market Ipanema - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Monday to Thursday, from 11am to 5pm | Friday, from 11am to 4pm.

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