The highlights of the gift shop of special beers, located in Lapa, are really the Brazilian beers that have a great affordable price, among which are the Magic Trap (Hocus Pocus), the Hash (Hocus Pocus), the Tommy Gun (3 Lobos/ Los Mafiosos), the Corleone (3 Lobos/ Los Mafiosos), the Granada (Gran Bier), the Snow (Gran Bier) and the Pecado (Gran Bier).

Despite the flagships of the establishment being domestic brands, the imported brands also stand out in their own way, like the Brooklyn (Lager, 1/2 Ale, IPA e Brown Ale) and the more special ones such as the Dog B (Brewdog), the Paradox (Brewdog) and the Golden Queen Ale (golden). Other than the shelves that pretty much occupy all the walls of the establishment, there are fridges stuffed from top to bottom for those who want to try the brands right then and there on the tables spread out in front of the store. For snacks, the suggestion is to take advantage of the partnership between the store and the coffehouse on the gallery, a place where they serve snacks and trays of cold cuts, and all you have to do is order it. Other products of the beer market such as bottle openers, coasters, posters and cups are also available on Beer Underground Brasil.


Avenida Henrique Valadares, 17 - Lapa
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 21 2533-3861

+55 21 97113-2572


From monday to friday, from 9am to 7pm; saturday, from 9am to 1pm

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