The land that housed the home of the baroness of Sorocaba at the time of the Empire, now offers diverse cultural programming, coworking space and gastronomy.

The last of the 10 two-story houses that made up the Villa Aymoré was built in 1916, and was meant to house rich people of that time. But the history of these lands begins even before that, since the house of the Baroness of Sorocaba was located nearby, and D. Pedro I was rumored to pass through the villa to go from the Outeiro da Glória to the home of the baroness, with whom he had a love affair. With time, the area became devalued and the place fell in decay until it was bought in 2010, and a five-year restoration process began. Nowadays, the Villa Aymoré offers a cultural program with exhibitions and an art gallery, and also gastronomic options and a co-working space, not to mention the offices that now occupy the old buildings.

On the first floor is located the gallery Graphos Brasil. On the second, the Arte Clube Jacarandá space hosts works by different artists without the mediation of art galleries. At the end of the row, you can find a coworking space called Nex, which takes over three floors of the building that now sits where the house of the Baroness of Sorocaba once was.


Ladeira da Glória, 26 - Glória
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 21 4136-1550

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