The Port Zone also features the panel “Etnias” (ethnicities), painted by the graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra to bring more color to the Olympic Boulevard. It has an extension of 2600m² and is the second largest graffiti in the world by the Guinness World Records, the book of records. The panel was inspired in the Olympic Arcs and represents the peace and unity among people by portraying five faces of natives from the continents that take part in the Games. It took 70 days of work for the panel to be completed, and 1890 liters of white paint were used for the base coat and an additional 2800 cans of spray paint were used during the process.

The GaleRio Porto Maravilha (Wonder Port GaleRio), a sequence of panels that make up an artistic pathway on the Orla Conde. With a combined area of 2 km², the warehouses 7 and 8, and the walls that connect them, have been painted by 20 artists. KajaMan, Gil Faria, RafaMon, Marcelo Ment and Acme are some of the names. The pathway ends with the work of portraitist Sini and Cety, in a piece in honor of the 10 athletes that were part of the first Refugee Olympic Team in the history of the Olympic Games. On the Muhammad Ali Square, a swing shaped like a whale and made of steels plates created by artist and sculptor Acme can be seen on display.

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