The trail is relatively easy and from the top is possible to see the whole carioca South area.

Dois irmãos hill has one of the most amazing views of Rio de Janeiro, completing the landscape of the South borders, because of the beauty it got the title of the carioca card-post. This Hills also can be appreciated closely through a trail that starts on the Vidigal community and it finishes on the top of the “irmãomaior- higher brother”. It’s 1,5km of route in 40 minutes of steep sections, the other steeps, not so much. The trail is considered relatively easy and, when you get on the top, is possible to see the whole carioca South area, the beaches and paths designed in neighborhoods, it’s breathtaking!

To find the trail, it’s necessary to follow the Vila Olímpica soccer field from Vidigal, where the route starts. The best option to get there is to catch a “moto-taxi” (R$ 10), on the community entrance. Thenceforth, it’s just to relax, enjoy the walking and open a big smile from the top of the Wonderful city!


Av. Niemeyer, Campo de Futebol na Vila Olímpica do Vidigal - São Conrado/Leblon
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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