Spa Aitiaia was created with the idea of bringing together the modern and the classical, the eastern practices and elements of Brazilian culture, which can be perceived in the products they offer. The Spa is also open for those who are not guests at the hotel. The experiences at the Spa are natural – they don’t use products with chemical or synthetic substance, opting for those that use natural and organic ingredients -, essential – they have unforgettable treatments, like aromatherapy – and primordial – they offer holistic treatments that will lead you to a complete relaxation of the body and of the soul.

Spa Atiaia was designed to be an ideal space for balance, relaxation and beauty. The Spa has 9 rooms for treatments, six of which are individual and three double, offering different treatments for the well-being of the body and of the soul for men and women. Dry and wet heat saunas, a fitness center and a multifunctional studio for different activities complete the list of installations. The main treatment offered is the “Atiaia Signature”, a relaxing massage that uses many well-known techniques, like the Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and aromatherapy with a mix of essential oils. This treatment can take from 60 (R$270) to 90 (R$360) minutes.

The Spa only allows costumers over 16 years old.


Av. Lucio Costa,, 9.600 Grand Hyatt - Barra da Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 21 3797-9566


Daily, 9am to 10pm.

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