It was the original residence of the real family of 1808 until the proclamation of the republic, in 1889.
From Portugal, D. João VI stayed in Paço, original construction of 1803 that was gifted by a rich Portuguese merchant. There, at the palace, remained all the Orleans and Braganza lineage, where D. Pedro II and his daughter, the Isabel princess, born. The name of “Quinta” refers to the nice view of the place because of the construction that was installed in the top of the hill, where it was possible to see the Guanabara bay.

Located in São Cristóvão, Quinta da Boa Vista is one the biggest urban parks of the city, over 155 thousand square meters. It preserves the gardens and lakes created by the French landscaper Auguste Glaziou; the old real family palace, where the National museum was located; buildings and original bronze statues; like the Apolo Temple; the Monumental Gate, marriage gift of Northumberland Duke to the young couple D. Pedro I and the Empress, D. Leopoldina, that today decorates the Bio Parque.

Goers of every ages enjoy that big green area to the sport practicing during every day of the week. The paddle boat in the main lake, the multisport court and stroll through artificial caves also attract many youths and kids. The kind gardens are also a space for picnic.

It opened daily from 6:00AM to 6:00PM. It’s free entrance

How to get there

Next to the train and metro station of São Cristóvão.


Avenida Pedro II, s/n - São Cristóvão
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 There's no phone from the Quinta


Daily, 6am to 6pm

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