In the heart of the Tijuca Forest.

The hike takes approximately one and a half hour, it is well delimited and sloping upward slightly. The path follows the sides of the hills and it’s in the shade of the treetops pretty much all the way. After a few minutes, we get to the first intersection, where we should turn left to get to Pico da Tijuca. Before we get there, you’re shouldn’t miss the sight of the 917-meter-tall Tijuca Mirim that can be seen while heading towards the next fork on the trail. The 10-minute deviation to enjoy a privileged view of the city is totally worth it.

To get to the peak, you got to face the 117 steps carved on the rock with a 120-meter chain as a handrail. The feeling of victory you get when you get to the top is inevitable! The reward from the top of the 1021-meter-tall peak is the incredible panoramic view of the city: Downtown, North Zone, South Zone, Ilha do Governador, and even Niterói, the neighboring city. And it doesn’t take much to enjoy the ride. The secret is to go equipped with a good pair of shoes, lots of water, a light snack, and plenty of disposition.


Estrada da Cascatinha, 850 - Parque Nacional da Tijuca, Setor A - Alto da Boa Vista
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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