Unusual space for those seeking exclusivity and mystery.

Located within the Brazilian Jockey Club, the Palaphita Gávea is a space that promises a unique experience. Its rustic architecture with a touch of refinement calls attention to the connection with nature, in the open area. In a secret room inside the Brazilian Jockey Club, the Palaphita Privê offers an exotic and intense experience. The charm and uniqueness are the highlight of the annex to Palaphita Gávea that explores the seduction and mystery and It works with special hours, from Thursday to Saturday from 11pm to 5am.


Av. Bartolomeu Mitre, 1314 - Gávea
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 21 3114-0853

+55 21 99982-9195


Segundas, das 18h à 1h. Quintas, das 20h às 4h. Sexta e Sábado, das 18h às 4h e domingos, das 17h à 1h.

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