Created by the multifunctional Oskar Metsavaht, the Osklen brand develops clothes and accessories that can easily be part of a carioca’s daily life. The doctor, artist, entrepreneur, documentarist, and creative and style director of Osklen embodies the carioca way of life through the brand’s work. With a variety of product lines for every taste, Osklen invests in beach fashion, but luxury and casual items are also available. A special line for those who love and practice surf is available on the branch in Galeria River, in Arpoador, called Osklen Surfing, dedicated exclusively to surf wear. Osklen Praia is the ideal shoping place for those who love the beach or for tourists that wish to take back home a little bit of Rio. The other stores combine a little bit of the essence of all the different lines of the brand and live up to their traditional design. Osklen also has five branches outside of Brasil, and these stores take the carioca life style to the world.

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Rua Maria Quitéria, 85 - Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 21 2227-2911

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