One of the main monuments of colonial art city.

Founded in 1590 by monks coming from the state of Bahia, the Benedictine monastery of Rio de  Janeiro was built on the request of the citizens of the recently founded city of São Sebastião themselves. On the very center of the great metropolis, it is held as the place of silence and prayer. The visit is restrict the church of Nossa Senhora de Montserrat, annexed to the Monastery. Details like the art noveau iron gate and the rosewood altars covered in gold are impressive. From Monday to Friday, at 5:15pm, there services with gregorian chants, which also happened on Saturdays, 8am, and on Sundays, at 10am.


Rua Dom Gerardo, 40 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Daily, 8am to 6pm.

A toru around Downtown

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