Located in Yitzhak Rabin Park, at the Pasmado Overlook in Botafogo, the Holocaust Victims Memorial was opened to the public on January 19, 2023. Its purpose is to preserve and disseminate the stories of the victims to prevent them from recurring.

In the space, there is a 20-meter-high monument divided into blocks representing the Ten Commandments, with “Thou Shalt Not Kill” highlighted. Underground in the square, there is an immersive exhibition, divided into three different areas and composed of images, audio, sounds, narratives, and interactive content.

The first area focuses on “Life Before the Holocaust” and features colorized photos and videos depicting the diversity of lifestyles in Germany, Poland, Russia, and other countries. The second area gradually loses color, depicting “Life During the Holocaust,” from the beginning to the height of Nazism. The final area recolors the space, representing “Life After the Holocaust” and the human capacity for reconstruction.

There will also be spaces for temporary exhibitions and a multipurpose area for various activities. From the viewpoint itself, there is a 360-degree view with an excellent perspective of Sugarloaf Mountain, Botafogo Cove, and the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Attention! Before visiting the location, please access the official website and/or social media of the tourist attraction to check opening hours and ticket information.


Alameda Embaixador Sanchez Gavito, Mirante do Pasmado - Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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