The rich Brazilian culture has won a homage to meet its grandness. The Ginga Tropical show, which has charmed the tourists who come to Rio for three years, presents in a unique way our country’s cultural diversity, celebrating, without mimicry or stereotypes, what’s most beautiful within our countless manifestations. Created, directed, and produced by Rose Oliveira, a former flight attendant who, after two decades flying around the world, missed a fair representation of the many faces of the Brazilian culture. Ginga Tropical matches her dream, putting smiles on the bright faces of the audience at the end of each one of the 14 acts of the performance. The show now happens on Teatro Leblon. On every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday , from 9:00pm with an hour and a half.

On the stage, are the “frevo”, performed by dancers born in Pernambuco, the swagger of Rio’s samba, the typical gaucho with “bombacha” and “boleadeira”, “xaxado” with even Maria Bonita and Lampião, the beat of the “carimbó” from Pará, the swirls of “forró” and “lambada”, the “candomblé orixás” ballet, the tricks of the “capoeira” dancers who aren’t far behind the circus acrobats, and the apotheotic “mulatas” of our carnival. Not corny, full of references and curiosities, the show reveals Brazil, far from the cultural stigmas and sensual connotations. It’s dance, it’s culture, it’s art, worthy of a standing ovation. It’s not for nothing that, at the end of the show, the dancers change places with the audience, who climb on stage to incorporate our tropical moves.

The ticket includes samba class + show


Rua Conde de Bernadote, 26 - Teatro Leblon - Leblon
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Terça, quinta, sexta e sábado a partir das 21h

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