Fosfobox hosts different styles of electronic music and the good ol’ rock n’ roll. Located at the center of Copacabana, a region with an avant-garde tradition, the bohemian bars alongside it are good for an improvised chill in. The nightclub has a very diverse night scene with band concerts, funk nights, electronic music, performances, theatre, cinema, poetry and other cultural and artistic displays. Ever since its opening in 2004, the establishment is a reference to the public that searches for new trends, becoming a meeting point for friends and admirers of the underground scene. And this reputation is deserved since the main dance floor is in the underground of an antique gallery. Besides that, there’s the Fosfobar on the groundfloor, as well as another dance floor and a smoking area to chat it up with your peers.


Rua Siqueira Campos, 143 - Loja 22A - Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 21 2548-7498

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