The project “Colors of Brazil” at the Gentileza Intermodal Terminal is the largest urban art corridor in Latin America, integrating with Rua Walls to enrich the pedestrians’ journey with vibrant colors. The first phase of the project has been completed, covering 26 kilometers and connecting new urban art pieces to those left by Prophet Gentileza on Avenida Brasil.

131 artists revitalized the 18 stations of BRT Transbrasil, spanning over 26 neighborhoods, through a program of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall in partnership with Companhia Carioca de Parcerias e Investimentos, Instituto CCR, Visionartz, VLT Carioca, and the BRT concessionaire. Five BRT stations have already received the artworks, including internal and external murals, fifteen viaduct pillars, and facade painting.

The project is ongoing at five more stations, where each stroke, color, and shape tells a unique story reflecting the diversity and vibrant Brazilian culture. The result is an immersion into a universe of colors and forms, appreciating the beauty emanating from the streets of the city of Rio de Janeiro. 

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