Renowned in the hotel industry of São Paulo, the Emiliano Hotel opens a branch in Rio on a privileged location: facing the sea at Copacabana.

The hotel follows a sophisticated and exclusive approach, and offers only 90 rooms and a 1.100m² area dedicated to relaxation, leisure and haute cuisine. The service standards of the chain from São Paulo has gained a touch of the carioca essence, and the establishment offers a personalized experience with butlers that pay attention to all the details and are always ready to serve. 

All apartments are soundproof and have unique details in the décor. The Spa Suites are an extension of the experience offered by the Spa Santapele, which is located in the 11th floor, just like the special shower heads, the saunas and the gym with Technogym equipment. On the terrace, the infinity edge pool and the wet deck round up the list of leisure options. The restaurant by the pool offers a menu of light and healthy dishes, while the Restaurante Emiliano offers contemporary food made with the best Brazilian ingredients and prepared by chef Damien Montecer.

Upon arriving, guests will notice the building’s facade that is fully covered by articulated panels with small openings, which makes it easier for the light and the breeze to enter the building while preserving the privacy of those inside – and it also makes the hotel stand out among the other buildings  in the beach. A panel by artist Roberto Burle Marx welcomes those who enter the lobby, which is decorated in a way that celebrates the golden age of the bohemian neighborhood of Copacabana, featuring furniture designed by major names of Brazilian design in the 50’s – all coming together to bring a special touch to the contemporary project created by architect Arthur Mattos Casas. On the bedrooms, chairs with modern designs and furniture made with Bahia rosewood share the space with photographs by Leonardo Finotti.


Avenida Atlântica, 3804 - Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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