The carioca coffee is an invitation to relax and enjoy every sip, appreciating the beauty of Rio and company of those who make the city such an especial place.

Want to explore Rio in an authentic way? Start your day with a delicious coffee and allow that tasty and invigorating drink lead you to an amazing journey!

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Dedication, experience and commitment are the values that coffee shop Valor Café represents. It is located in the heart of downtown Rio. A super cozy environment dealing with the best grains of each harvest, grounded when preparing your coffee. In addition, it’s close to Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Candelária, an excellent option for an after coffee tour!

Address: Rua da Quitanda, 191- 5 andar

Website: https/


DarkCoffee brings a new concept through the simple act of tasting a cup of coffee. It has a modern, welcoming and instagrammable atmosphere for the client to feel super comfortable. It’s innovation is to offer the hotel style for its kitchen, where they don´t work with piped gas. Besides the delicious coffees, they also offer a variety of sweets and savories on the menu. So, what are you waiting to go there? The Coffee Shop is located near Boulevard Olímpico , which is a good place to visit after a hot cup of coffee, continuing with the clicks!

Address: Rua São Bento, 29



With a great diversity of options in the menu, Trastevere Caffè Bar is a super welcoming café. Pies, cappuccinos, expressos and also Argentine empanadas. The space also has a little shop and is located near Theatro Municipal, in Cinelândia – a tour not to be missed!

Address: Rua da Relação, 49 B



Casa do Café Capital has been operating since 1943, a very traditional place in downtown Rio. It produces its own grains that are from its own brand, with options to drink there or ground and whole grains for sale. Next door is Matriz de Santa Rita, a really cool church to visit.

Address: Avenida Marechal Floriano, 27



Cafeteria OK is a very pleasant place with a great variety of hot and cold drinks and delicious snacks. It offers a delicious breakfast to start your day nicely. When you finish, a few meters away you will find Escadaria Selarón, one of the most famous tourist attractions of the city!

Address: Rua Senador Dantas, 24 


Café do Bom Cachaça Boa is the ideal option for those who’s looking for a great variety in one place, and a very traditional point in carioca downtown. Nearby, there is the Museu Sacro Franciscano  – how about a cultural tour with coffee?

Address: Rua da Carioca, 10

Website: http//


Grão Raro Café, a passionate place about making its own coffee. There you will find a great variety of products manufactured in different Brazilian regions. These grains are mostly made by small producers. After tasting, you may guarantee a visit to the Assembleia Legislativa, which is located nearby.

Address: Rua Rodrigo Silva, 18



Curto Café is a very relaxed café, with a great variety of options in the menu. The modern environment offers desserts, drinks and pizzas. It is located close to Paço Imperial,, a good option to visit after a delicious coffee.

Address: Rua da Assembléia, 10 – Térreo



Coffee Five is a coffee shop dedicated to offer highest quality coffees, special teas and harmonized desserts with mastery.Their mission is to provide clients with a unique experience of exceptional flavors. Also, how about enjoying the Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo da Antiga Sé, which is just a few meters from the Coffee Shop?

Address: Rua da Quitanda, 86 –  quiosque O1



Confeitaria Colombo, with wide art nouveau style lounges, huge cristal mirrors from Antwerp and French stained glasses, the traditional Confeitaria Colombo, founded in 1894, is a cultural and artistic heritage of the city of Rio de Janeiro. In its surroundings, you will find the most revolutionary colonial monument of the city – Arcos da Lapa.

Address:  Rua Gonçalves Dias, 32 



Beco do Espanhol has an enchanting atmosphere, reminding the typical Spanish taverns. Its rustic and charming decoration completes the experience, that offers a variety of coffees, delicious tapas and traditional desserts. It is the perfect place to enjoy casual moments among friends, so as Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, that is an eclectic and light place, ideal to be visited after a tasty coffee. 

Address: Condomínio do Edifício Palácio do Café – Rua da Quitanda, 194


Casa Cavé, founded in 1860 by Charles Auguste Cavé, is the oldest coffee shop of Rio de Janeiro. To visit Cavé is to travel in the past, where the enchantment of Old Rio may be revived. It has always been frequented by noble citizens of Rio, including authors and journalists commonly found in the shelves of the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, like Mario and Oswald de Andrade, Carlos Drummond, Darcy Ribeiro and others. Best of all, you can join both “rolés” in one.

Address: Rua Sete de Setembro, 133

Website: ttps://


A beautiful place to visit after a tour to not be missed in Largo São Francisco da Prainha. Cozy and charming, the coffee shop offers a variety of aromatic coffees and delicious accompaniment for those who love coffee.

Address: Rua do Ouvidor, 118


Who’s looking to continue the artistic adventure after visiting the Museu de Arte Moderna will love Café com Arte. It is a comfortable and welcoming coffee shop to get some rest after a long day spent at Museu de Arte Moderna, with a hot cup of coffee.

Address: Avenida Rio Branco, 214



After a cultural visit to the Museu de Arte do Rio, how about a cup of coffee a few steps away? In Café do Mar it is possible to relax the legs and be delighted with the delicatessens of the space without leaving the museum.

Address: Praça Mauá, 5 – Museu de Arte do Rio



XV Kaffee Bier, inspired by German culture, is an enchanting coffee shop in downtown Rio. Its delicious coffees and craft beer are a true delight. Located near the majestic Igreja de São Francisco de Paula, the connection with German culture is remarkable, since the church reflects the neoclassical architectural influence which may also be found in some buildings in Germany. So, the coffee shop is the ideal place to drink a coffee after visiting the church.

Address: Rua Dom Manuel, 26


Located in the heart of Rio, Cafuné coffee shop enchants its customers with its aromatic café and a cozy environment. A modern coffee shop like Cafuné matches the modernist architecture cathedral, the Catedral Metropolitana de São Sebastião.

Address: Avenida República do Chile, 100



With a mouth-watering aroma, the coffee shop Cheirin Bão, located in downtown Rio, is a refuge for coffee lovers. Its proximity with the iconic Museu Histórico Nacional offers the visitors the opportunity to seize a delicious pause after an immersion in the fascinating history of Brazil, creating a perfect experience of culture and flavor.

Address: Avenida Rio Branco, 177 – loja B



Located in downtown Rio, coffee shop Sterna Café RB1 democratizes coffee offering a variety of national grains with international techniques. After appreciating a delicious cup of coffee, the visitors may explore Palácio Tiradentes nearby, diving into the history of Brazil, creating an enriching experience.

Address: Avenida Rio Braco, 1 – loja D



An invitational place, The Coffee, located in downtown Rio de Janeiro, offers a special selection of coffees for its visitors, Located in the proximity of the Biblioteca Nacional, the customers may enjoy a delicious pause before or after diving into the rich literary culture of the Brazil’s largest library .

Address: Avenida Almirante Silvio de Noronha, 365


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