A feast for the senses.

On this establishment, which combines the feel of the old grocery stores, a Portuguese restaurant and the municipal market of São Paulo, you will find delicious sandwiches. Some of the options are: Mortadela Tradicional, made with 300g of thin slices of Ceratti mortadella grilled with extra-virgin Portuguese olive oil; Mortadela Especial, made with 250g of thin sliced Cerrati mortadella grilled with melted prato cheese (yellow cheese), dried tomato and oregano; Pernil com Provolone (Gammon with provolone), made with 250g slices of roasted marinated gammon, melted provolone cheese and the house’s special sauce; and the Francesinha, the famous Portuguese sandwich made with toasted sliced bread, filet mignon, fresh sausage, hot dog sausage, ham, cheese au gratin and fried eggs, all this immersed in an exclusive sauce with a side of fries.


Rua Jangadeiros, 28 - Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Monday to Thursday, 9am to midnight. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 1am.


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