A Lapa classic.

The traditional Boteco Carioquinha, opened in 1966, has managed to maintain its success by investing more and more on the craft beers of the world – while still giving special attention to the national ones. Today, the establishment relies on over 130 different beer brands divided across two beer cards: imported and national. The first has Belgian, German, American, Australian, Danish, Russian, Mexican, Austrian, Irish, Dutch, Scottish, Spanish, French, English and Czech options. On the second card, the Bodebrown Perigosa, the Cabeças Maracujipa and the Wals Witti are the most requested ones.
The menu is also neat and it is where the traditional and the modern live together in harmony. To whet the appetite, good options to order are the Spicy Mortadella Croquette (light dough filled with smoked Mortadella with a touch of pepper and served with Carioquinha Sauce), the Carioquinha Fritter (bean dough filled with ribs, shredded dried beef, pepperoni and collard greens) or a ‘Escondidinho’ (cassava cream with cheese, au gratin with Mozzarella and filled with dry beef or shrimp).


Rua Gomes Freire, 822 - Lapa
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 21 2252-3025


Daily from 11am to 1am.

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