The Port Area lived its rise and fall in a little bit more than one century. From a fishermen’s Village to the main port of the country, the area was also a doorway and residence of slaves, giving the region the name of “Little Africa”, so big the number of black people who live there was. After 2010, with the beginning of the works of the Porto Maravilha (“Wonder Port”) project (which revitalizes the urban area while it preserves the history of this region) several Historical places of the Port Zone were rediscovered.

From Jardins do Valongo to Cais da Imperatriz, modern projects like the Rio Art Museum and the new Museum of Tomorrow, the project developed the touristic and economical potential of the region, building a legacy for future generations. In this context, we selected the main places of Rio’s Port Region, forming a big historical and cultural itinerary of this important region of the city.

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