Affectionately known by the population of Princess of the Sea, a popular song of the Brazilian João de Barro – Braguinha – and Alberto Ribeiro, Copacabana beach is located in a district of the same name in the South of Rio. Copacabana has bike racks, bike path, kiosks, hotels, bars and restaurants frequented both day and night. It also has two military forts, one at each end of the beach, with panoramic views, open to visitation.

This fascination also goes by the beautiful boardwalk of Atlântica Avenue in black and white Portuguese stones, which form a beautiful mosaic wave form, inspired by the Lisbon boardwalk and used by Roberto Burle Marx on the beach. They have great infrastructure of hotels and kiosks that attracts tourists worldwide.

Stage of the largest New Year’s Eve party on the planet with their fires known worldwide, Copacabana has more than three million people every passing year. It sands are also hosts large events like the Pan American Games Rio 2007 world championships beach soccer and volleyball world championships.


Avenida Atlântica, - Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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